How Can My Carpet Be Saved After a Flood?


Jason Earrame

When it begins to downpour, you might be worrying about having a flood in your basement or other areas of your home. You know that flood can become very costly because of the damage it can cause. However, when it comes to carpet, you can actually save it depending on a few different factors. It depends how long your carpet was soaked for and the type of water that was involved.There are three types of categories for water. The first is category is clean water, which means it has no hazardous materials within the water supply. The second type of water is considered gray water and that water supply will include contaminates that can cause illness such as sump-pump failures but carpet can be restored after removing the water. The third type of water is black water that includes contaminates which can cause serious health issues such as raw sewage. In this case, the affected area must be completely replaced.If your carpet was submerged from the first two types of water, you can still save the carpet. If the water wasn’t contaminated in 24 hours or less, then you want to wet/dry vacuum and dehumidify the carpet so that mold doesn’t grow. Then circulate the air with the AC, windows and fans. If you can, lift the carpet to ventilate underneath. Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it again, shampoo, dry, then vacuum for a third time. If there is any musty smell then sprinkle a little bit of baking soda and vacuum the carpet the next day.If your carpet was flooded with type two contaminated water, you will need professionals to clean it for you. The professionals will extract all the water using sophisticated techniques and if necessary they will use weighted extraction for underneath the carpet. They will ten use high-speed air movers to dry the carpet. After, they will apply antimicrobial agents to sanitize the carpet and stream clean and deodorize.Salvaging your carpet after a flood will save you so much more money than replacing it. If you are looking for professional help, then Affordable Joe’s is at your service! Our experienced cleaners will solve all your water damage problems with our Powerful Truck Mounted Hot Water extraction unit. We will give you the best results for competitive prices. If your carpet is flooded, you don’t want to wait longer than 24 hours to call us. Contact us for water damage cleanup at 206-384-3815. 

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